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The Savoy’s
Remy and Hunter live in Red Ditch, Louisiana. Red Ditch is about an hour and half south-east of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Their first appearance happened in ‘From Dead to Worse’ by Charlaine Harris. ‘From Dead to Worse’ is the eighth book in Charlaine Harris’s series The Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Remy Savoy
Remy Savoy is the father of a young telepath. He married Hadley Hale in 2003 and a few years later they had a divorce. During his marriage with Hadley (while she was still human) they had one child. They named their child Hunter.

Hunter Savoy
Hunter is 4 years old when he is first introduced in Charlaine Harris’ book ‘From Dead To Worse’. He was born in 2004.

Who is Hadley Hale?
Hadley is Sookie Stackhouse’s cousin. You can read all about her in Charlaine Harris’ story ‘One Word Answer’

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