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Christmas at the Savoy Home

December 25, 2012

Seasons Greetin’s! I hope y’all are enjoyin’ Christmas this year. We’ve been busy in Red Ditch puttin’ up the Christmas Tree, and bein’ that it’s Rosie’s first Christmas, we thought we’d make it special.

Christmas Tree

To my lovin’ wife @MorganSavoyRD. I hope she enjoys her Christmas gifts this year. I might have to share that coconut bubble bath stuff though -GRINS-

To my son @HunterSavoyRD who has been extra good this year. He’s been helpin’ us with lil’ Rosie. He’s grown really close to her, which is great!

To our lil’ baby Rosie. It’s her first Christmas this year. Morgan & I have been busy tryin’ to get some new clothes for her, as she keeps growin’!

And we ain’t forgotten the pets @RustyDaPuppeh and Eric (our cat). We’ve also put somethin’ out for Tim the Robin. He’s goin’ to enjoy the fat and seeds in the yard.

Merry Christmas! Morgan and I will be drinkin’ some mulled wine later. -Hears Morgan ask me if that’s a Candy Cane in my pocket. Raises brow-

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