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For My Loving Wife On Her Birthday

June 2, 2012

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This weekend is my wife’s birthday. I’ve decided to drive her and my son Hunter to New Orleans, since they both liked it there last time and it’s always good to see where we used to live before Hurricane Katrina struck years ago.

I’ve rented out an apartment rental for our weekend away. It’s got 3 bedrooms, one of which has one of them 4-poster beds. It’s kinda luxurious in here. Even got it’s own kitchen if we want to cook anythin’ ourselves. We’ll be travellin’ back on the Tuesday as I’ve got plans on Sunday nite.

I’m takin’ my wife out for dinner on Saturday nite at the Marigny Brasserie and goin’ to get the entire restaurant to sing her ‘Happy Birthday’ while presentin’ her birthday cake.  I got someone to make a special cake with a dog made out of sugar paste on top. Of course it’s a coconut cake, we might jus’ share some of our leftover cake with the folk at the hotel and/or the restaurant.

I’m not takin’ them on any of the boats this year, jus’ in case my pregnant wife accidentally gets a lil’ seasick. I think bein’ planted safely on the ground is best for her this year. And cos she’s pregnant, I thought she’d like this book on bein’ a mom. I thought she might like to read it when she’s bored or in bed with me and can’t sleep. And if she gets bored of readin’, cos it ain’t light reading, I bought her somethin’ I hope she’d be interested in.

My wife likes lookin’ good in what she wears. So I thought maybe she’d like a book on how to make clothes, or jus’ look through the photos. And cos she likes clothes, I also managed to buy her this PJ set. I’d kinda been hidin’ it away.

And if she still can’t sleep then maybe a good foot massager would help. I saw these, and even though a lil’ cheesy, I know she likes cheesy cos I’m a lil’ cheesy sometimes too. So I thought this Monkey foot massager would not only make her smile but also relax her.

Then there’s always the ‘other’ type of relaxin’. I guess you could call it the gag gift, but she knows how much I love pie or in this case candy -GRINS-

And lastly on Sunday nite, on her birthday, I’m takin’ my wife out to see the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. I know there’s a lot of blues and jazz in New Orleans, but I thought she’d like this better. I hear there’s someone’ playin’ the harp tonite, so that’ll be real interestin’. I jus’ hope she doesn’t get too emotional. I might take her to some other places as well, but that’s my plan for this weekend.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I hope you enjoy your weekend.


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