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Mother’s Day Gifts For My Wife

May 13, 2012

To Morgan on Mother’s Day.

I wondered what we were goin’ to get you this year, sweetheart. But since we’re both expectin’ an addition to our family I thought you’d like these to decorate the new nursery. I know it ain’t fully built yet, but we’ll have some things to add to the room when it has been.

You’ve been carryin’ out child for months and soon our lil’ Rosie will be with us. But before then I thought you could do with some relaxin’. The lady at the store recommended me these bath bombs. I was a lil’ dubious at first what with the word ‘bomb’ in it, but since you like coconut, I hope you like these Caribbean Bath Bombs. It’s got other things as well, but you know how bad my memory is, sweetheart. I can’t remember all the ingredients. But it’s safe and I hope you enjoy them.

I thought a lil’ rabbit toy would be great to add to the room. I reckon you’d like it too, so I bought 2 of them. I guess I’m the one with the carrot. And I’m smilin’ for a reason, sweetheart. I reckon you can guess why.

I thought we could watch one of these ol’ movies together tonite. I know you like your girly movies, and I think Pretty Woman is one of them. I ain’t watched it before. At least not from the beginnin’ to the end. But I hope you enjoy it.

The last gift is from Hunter and I. We got this specially done, and luckily his teacher was there to help. We put this together for you. It’s my hands and Hunter’s. I’m sure you can see the size difference. Thought we could hang it up in lil’ Rosie’s room or ours. Your choice, sweetheart.

Hunter & Remy

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