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Christmas Gifts for Morgan

January 10, 2012

To My Wife for Christmas

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You always say you’re feelin’ cold, so I bought you a hat and scarf for Christmas. Luckily only a few folk know you’re a Golden Retriever so I thought the hat was fittin’. I’m sure Sam Merlotte will get the joke when you walk into Merlotte’s Bar wearin’ these. But to everyone else, you’ll jus’ look too damn cute.

I know that your life always seems to have turned to the worse, Morgan. But over this past year, I’ve tried to help you leave that behind you and carry on with your future. You’re goin’ to be a mom. You’re not bound by anyone except yourself and family now. But even as family, we’re jus’ lookin’ out for you.

When I met you, you loved bein’ a dog. You loved bein’ a shifter. Hell, I didn’t even know you were a dog. I didn’t even think those things were possible. I jus’ thought vampires existed, but that jus’ shows that the human race don’t know what’s out there. And I’m tryin’ not to be all X-File stereotype, sweetheart. I’m jus’ sayin’ there’s still a lot to learn and accept in the world. And I want you to be who you are.

You love coconuts, always have. So these macaroons are for you, sweetheart.

This lil’ guy is for our baby when he or she is born. Since I’m givin’ a Christmas gift to two people that jus’ happen to be sharin’ the same body at the moment. So, until our baby’s born I need you guys to share this one.

I know you like walkin’ around in shorties most of the time, so I thought I’d be different and give you somethin’ that had pants. As much as I like seein’ you walkin’ around in shorties, I didn’t think you’d want to durin’ the cold season. Not only that, but they’re covered with rabbits, sweetheart. Since you like callin’ me ‘huggy bunny’ an’ all.

And finally since you’re carryin’ our child. Durin’ my lunch break I went out to have a look what I could buy for you. I know you love wearin’ lingerie. Hell, I like gettin’ you out of them. But this changes sizes, because we both know there are goin’ to be some changes happenin’ to your body over the next couple of months. I was told this adjusts down the side so you can still be comfortable and still look… -Turns crimson- Y’know what I mean.

R x.

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