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Christmas Gifts for Hunter

January 10, 2012

To My Son Hunter

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This Christmas I thought I’d give you some new clothes since you seem to be growin’ out of them so quickly. All your friends can read your T-Shirt and hopefully learn somethin’.

You’re growin’ up too quickly, champ. But in a couple of months time you’re goin’ to have a baby brother or sister to look after. So when you’re brother or sister is born, I want you to look after him/her. I know you’ll be proud to be the big brother and have someone to play with.

Hope you like the SpongeBob hat and pillow, you’ll be a hit with the girls at school with this one. And you’ll also keep your ears and head warm. Don’t want you comin’ home with a cold. Even though you rarely get ill.

I saw the dragon in the store and thought you’d like it when I bought the book for you to read. I know you enjoy readin’ so now you have a matchin’ dragon too. Ain’t been one for dragons myself but thought you have enough duplos and trucks hangin’ around the house. I thought I’d try somethin’ different this year.


Your Dad x

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