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The Kidnappin’ in December

February 13, 2011

I was hoping for a quiet Christmas. I’d planned a surprise vacation to Malibu(California) with @MorganCooperBTM and @HunterSavoyRD. I’d been planning it in secret with @BranCrisp. She’s been a real good friend of ours, got us through thick and thin. She’s also the person who gave me some free flight tickets on my birthday. I figured it was a great way of using them, and she had the perfect get-away.

Over the past few months things have been hard. They never said life was going to be easy, but with vamps around and supes… Well, it’s hard trying to define what “normal” life is anymore. At the end of the day there’s a human element in each of them. Vamps were living and breathing people too once, and it’s not like you had a choice when you were born Were or Shifter.

Over the past decade things have been changing over the world. My ex-wife turned vampire and divorced me. Left me to be with the Queen of Louisiana. My son, @HunterSavoyRD, can read minds. It still freaks me out everytime he reads my mind, and it’s getting harder to keep thinking straight when I have a girlfriend like Morgan around.

I’m real happy I met her. I can’t believe it’s been 7 months now and it just keeps getting better. My son introduced us a while back. We were only friends then, didn’t think it’d progress like this. You reckon he planned it some how? Ain’t too sure ‘how’, bit I’m glad he did.

December 17

I was at work at the @Crimson_Cyclone’s Head Office. It’s located on the outskirts of Alexandria. Ain’t too far from @HunterSavoyRD’s school, and not too far from home. That’s the main Headquarters. We also have a few secret hideouts, but they wouldn’t be a secret if I told you about those.

I always look forward to Friday’s. Last working day of the week and either myself or Morgan travel to see each other. This week she’s seeing us in Red Ditch.

@SidheCorriganCC is a co-worker of mine and a good friend. He’s always lookin’ out for me, has been since he first joined. He’s an expert at silver. Whether it’s being used as a deterrent or as a means of killing vampires, he’ll find a way. I should ask him sometime if he makes silver jewelry as a hobby.

He helped me during my early years at the @Crimson_Cyclones when I was overseeing a project of mine in a different section. He finished the LSD bullet that I was working on while I was in hospital getting my hands bandaged. I had an accident back then. Hot molten silver burns. Don’t try it at home kids.

We were both looking out for any strange occurrences in the Louisiana area. He mostly gets all the police reports if anyone files anything into the system. So he’d end up getting reports from Bon Temps. That small town always seems to have some kind of supe activity. It’s like folk are drawn to it, ain’t sure why. It’s like something special resides there. Or it’s one of those paranormal hotspots like the Bermuda Triangle or something.

11am. Corrigan received a report from Bon Temps. Shouldn’t have been anything unusual. Probably some guys starting a fight somewhere after a drunk night out or some Were’s having some fun with the local wildlife. This one was different though.

It was a missing person’s report. We get a few of these each month or so. Sometimes we have to send a clean up crew to deal with these incidents. It’s never easy to cover up one of these things. It’s kinda like the whole “It was a weather balloon” deal. Except this time the balloons are usually filled with vampire guts. Corrigan thought I’d be interested in this one. A redhead had gone missing in Bon Temps. Now this could have been anyone. As you probably know, there are several redheads in Bon Temps. There’s @ArleneFowler and of course @MadeJessica. Notably there’s also my girl Morgan. Sure this lit up some red lights, but the report wasn’t exactly the best. Must have been that new guy working in the police.

It had been filed by some guy named @EarlTheNeighbor. I’d not met him in Bon Temps before. I was a little sceptical and don’t like jumping to conclusions. So Corrigan and I drove up to Earl’s home.

I didn’t like what I saw. Morgan’s house had been taped up. I wasn’t sure what had happened. I asked Corrigan to scout around the house while I checked inside. Being fae his senses are much sharper than my own. He’s also cunning and quick witted. But he reserves most of his magical abilities. Especially working with the Cyclones. Vampires and faes do not mix. That’s why he works the day shift like me. Less chance of getting drained. Ain’t too sure why he’d want to live on a knife’s edge, maybe it’s curiosity, or maybe he’s got some kind of agenda. Or maybe he’s just a sick puppy, don’t tell him I said that. One thing I’ve learnt about faes over the past few years, is there’s always a bigger picture.

The house was clean. No struggle inside the house. Only thing that Corrigan found was a used cigarette butt and a footprint. Not much to go on even after we took a cast of it. Morgan ain’t on anyone’s hitlist. Unless she hasn’t told me something deeply buried in her past. I knew only one person that had any kind of vendetta against Morgan. But Corrigan insisted on other options. I was running on gut instinct alone and it ain’t always right.

He broadened my horizons, even if the thought of Morgan hurt or even worse ‘dead’, was running through my mind. I had no idea when she had gone missing. I had no clue how to find her. Corrigan suspected it as a hit from one of my old cases. Maybe it was something to do with that ghost girl case I was working on in October? I haven’t talked much about it, but it seems like a possession case. Could that ghost have targeted Morgan? You can imagine the wreck my mind was in.

I called @CrystalDoyleBTM for help. I trust her and she’s like the sister I never had. She’s also responsible and has two kids of her own coming her way. Luckily for me she was able to pick up my son, Hunter, from school. I called the school in advance to let Hunter’s strange teacher, Miss LeVeau, know Someone else was collecting him today. I mean, I couldn’t just leave Morgan’s case alone. She trusts me. It might have been my fault why she was kidnapped.

Corringan told me that I should talk to the neighbor that had reported it. I might find some kind of lead, if he’d heard something in the night or saw anything suspicious. Grungingly I rang his doorbell. I was blaming myself inside. Having a long distance relationship ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Several times I’ve been too late trying to save Morgan. I have no one to blame but myself. I should have known better. Sometimes I question my feelings for her. I don’t want to string her along or anything, but when do you know that person is the ‘one’? I thought I knew back then. I married her, Hadley Hale, but that didn’t end so well. Maybe I’m being too cautious? I don’t want another repeat headcase like my ex-girlfriend, Kristen. I’m trying to protect my son from seeing several women walking in and out of my life. I don’t want my son growing up to be some kind of player. I want what’s best for him. But when do you know when you’ve crossed the line? With Morgan missing like this it really made me think what was important and what I wanted. It made me realize something I guess I’ve been hiding away for a long time.

Earl had no physical description of the person or persons that had taken Morgan. But he had her dog @RustyBTM. Seemed like the pup lost a lot of blood and had fractured something in his leg. He’d been taken to the vet and was high on anti-biotics. I couldn’t move the pup or take him with us, that’d be foolish.

Earl had nothing. Though he seemed to be particularly fond of Morgan. He almost spoke about her like she was his daughter or something. Least I hope that’s why he seemed to be showing signs of affection?

We drove back to HQ after finding next to nothing. I recall I was frustrated. I think I might have barked at Corrigan once or twice.

December 18

We’d worked throughout the night. Nothing but caffeine driving us. I was surprised Corrigan stayed with me. He usually leaves before sunset so that he doesn’t attract vamps. I remember him telling me vampires have a fondness for fae blood. I also remember when he gave me a brief insight about faes, but he grew slightly cold like he was remembering something.

Don’t get me wrong, Corrigan is a nice guy. A bit forward sometimes, but he means well. Girls like him a lot in the office. He’s what they’d called ‘sweet’. Most of the time he gives them the occasional flirt or date, but he’s only thinking of his next meal ticket. Most guys would be happy to just have girl on their arm, but Corrigan’s a modern day Casanova. He’s never had a relationship that I’ve known about. I guess that’s why he feels comfortable around @NaturelleBTM. He knows he can’t have her, she’s as cold as ice. Work focused, calculating and stone cold. She’d make the Artic look like the Bahamas.

I needed to leave the office. Waiting for signs or local reports about Morgan was not helping the situation. Corrigan tried calming me down, but lack of sleep was driving me crazy. My eyelids wanted to shut, I was forming dark circles around my eyes. I was also jittering from the coffee. My gut instinct was telling me Nathaniel had taken her. It’s not always right, that’s why we human’s make mistakes. That’s why we’re human.

I told Corrigan I wanted to scout out Shreveport. I wanted to take a look around Fangtasia. Corrigan had suggested that it might have been one of my old cases ressurrecting itself. It could be that vamp that I chased down in Oslo (Norway) had buddies of his own and was seeking revenge.

I was a wreck. Corrigan could see it. I’d not showered or shaved. I didn’t want to miss that shred of hope. I fumbled the keys of my car. Scratched the door with it. I was so agitated I didn’t realize I was raising my voice at Corrigan and put in the wrong key. After some back and forth, Corrigan managed to take the keys from me.

He drove us to Shreveport. I was disgruntled and, for lack of a better word, grumpy. I guess sitting in the passenger seat was kinda like a time out for me. It started to make me think. What did Morgan think of me? How important was she to me? Why was I acting this way. Did we have future together? What would life be like without her? Why had I taken so long to realize something I doubted a few months ago?

I started to remember how we’d had a pregnancy scare a few months ago. What kind or emotions I was going through that day. I never felt that way with Kristen. I never felt that way with even my ex-wife, Hadley. I didn’t even care if Morgan was a dog once a month. She didn’t look like a dog most days. We’d been through so much together. I started remembering days at the park. The way her face just lit up when she was having fun on the swing with Hunter. Then she vanished in my mind. The swing seat was empty. I realized how much I needed her and how much I needed to get her back.

I ended up thinking about the worst case scenarios. If she’d been kidnapped late Thursday night and wasn’t given food or water, she’d be on the verge of death tomorrow, which was Sunday. The human body can only last without water for 3 days. I didn’t know what length she’d have being a shifter.

We reached Shreveport. Fangtasia’s parking lot was empty except for an old beaten up car. I guess that might have been Ginger’s. It was a long shot, but most things start around Fangtasia. I remember when it first opened a few years back. I ended up getting th police report about some tourist found in one of the bathrooms getting fed on. Luckily he was found alive, but the female vampire in question didn’t get off so lightly. It’s a haven for fangbangers and tourists. It reminds me of the Titty Twister from that Tarantino movie “From Dusk Til Dawn”.

Corrigan scouted around for life signs. I tried seeing if anyone was home. Being that it was broad daylight it wasn’t hard to guess that the place was dead, unless there was a day assistant working at Fang.

We looked around. Nothing but dead ends and old tyre tracks leading away. We’d driven out here for nothing. But at least I was out looking for her. For some reason Shreveport just smells of trouble. Usually it’s over 6ft tall and blonde.

I should have checked in with Crystal, but my mind was a wreck. I was just glad Hunter was in safe hands. She’s a good woman. Always has been. A little crazy at times, but she’s been a good friend of ours for quite some time. She’s always been looking out for Morgan, now it was my turn to bring her back.

Disgruntled as I was, Corrigan drove us back to HQ. I’m not use to sitting in the passenger side. Morgan usually sits here. It gave me time to think. I missed her more than I can remember. I started thinking of the things we could have been doing. Even if it was burning pizza in the kitchen. Sometimes your mind wanders like that. We’d built up a lot of history between ourselves. I turned around to Corrigan and asked him plain and simple, “How do you know that they’re the ‘one’?”

I wish the answer was that simple. Never is. But I wasn’t going to give up hope on her.

When we reached HQ Corrigan had an idea about checking all the strange events that have been happening over the past few months. We plotted them all over Shreveport. From the plane crash at a golf course a few months back t o the random killings in nearby parks. But they were all wide spread over Shreveport. It looked like Shreveport and the surrounding areas had caught a case of the chicken pox.

This made things worse when we cross referenced my cases with the police reports. The name @NinonDeLanclos fitted the description of the deaths in the parks. @Chloe_Lawson’s name also fitted the description of the attack to the @BlackRoseCafe, which happened a few months back. They are both vampires. What was more disturbing was Ninon was a sociopath and Chloe was insane. They were also make and child, and in addition to that, Ninon’s maker was @Nathaniel_Grey.

If they were both in Shreveport, that meant they were potentially together in a nest. When vampires are in a nest, things get worse. This might be the reason why Nate had become more violent over these past few months. Damn vamp threw a chair through my bedroom window in Red Ditch.

A lovestruck vampire brooding in a nest of mad vampires is bad business. What made me feel worse was that Morgan could be trapped with the three of them. By now she could have been dead, tortured or on the verge of dying. My concern for her grew ten-fold.

December 19

Two days of dead ends. Corrigan had been warning me that after three days I should give up hope. It was standard police procedure. Makes you wonder how people cope when a loved one goes missing without explanation. But I wasn’t about to give up on Morgan just yet.

Corrigan had left to get cleaned up this morning. I was feeling real low. Time was running out and we’d not found anything. Nothing but a cigarette butt, a footprint and some old chettos. @EmilyThePixie was kind enough to send some food for us while we worked. She does real good food and has always been kind to us. I used to order cakes to surprise Morgan with from @PixCafe. She always did get things just right. Throughout the night Corrigan was happy munching away. I’m glad one of us was.

I kept my post in the office while Corrigan used the restroom. We were taking it in shifts so that we didn’t miss anything. Corrigan was taking some time in the bathroom, he usually does. I reckon that’s because he’s fae or a prima donna. Maybe he’s both? I guess that’s why he’s such a likeable guy. Never been one to laugh when someone’s down. Always there when you need him. But his past still aludes me.

I was still tracking for any signs for Morgan’s whereabouts. I was in dire need for a black coffee. I was probably in no state to drive. My face was pale, my eyes sullen. It was when I least expected it, that my phone started ringing. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the caller’s ID didn’t show up. I hooked it up to the computer just incase it needed tracing. It was probably someone trying to sell me something again, but I couldn’t ignore it. I picked up.

I was sure what I was feeling back then when I heard he voice. I felt elated that she was still alive. Morgan had somehow managed to call me. I wasn’t going to question how. I was fortunate to still have some of my senses working. But the call wasn’t long. I can’t recall what Morgan specifically said to me. Her voice was weak and shaky. I could tell she’d been through hell and back. But I do remember her last few words. She’d told me that she loved me.

The call ended abruptly. I was left with a dead phone. I must have been as white as a sheet. Corrigan still hadn’t come back. He’d been watching my back all weekend, but if this was a lair of vamps I was walking into, it’d mean suicide for the fae.

I noticed my computer monitor flashing at me. Morgan had held on enough for me to trace the phone call. Finally I had some luck on my side. It was in Shreveport. In a rundown area on the outskirts of the east side.

I left a note for Corrigan on his desk. “Gone to get donuts”. I think I rushed it, my handwriting is kinda illegible at the best of times. I grabbed my coat and hi-tailed it out of the @Crimson_Cyclone HQ. I started the long drive to Shreveport.

I wish I could have gotten there faster. It was early morning. I saw a wild animal dart across the road. I was lucky there wasn’t any cop cars out there to stop me. I must have been speeding on my way to find Morgan.

I’d brought my standard issue gun with loaded STD bullets. I didn’t have authorisation to kill on sight. It would have meant my badge. I’d have to find a new source of income to keep a roof over Hunter’s head. How would I pay for his college days? I needed a way of sedating without killing. I’d still crossed the line by not asking for back up. It was going to bite me later.

When I arrived at the address I had to check the printed out map I’d brought with me. I must have reached there around 10am or 11am Sunday morning. The house was in shambles. It was made with timber and looked like it was suffering from woodrot. Chunks od the house looked like it was about to fall apart. It’s when I noticed that the street was eerily quiet. It was like I’d just stepped into the Twilight Zone. There wasn’t even a bird trying to fly by, something or someone had enough prescence to keep everything away. Was this @Nathaniel_LGrey’s doing. Did he frighten the neighborhood, or were they all dead?

I remember walking towards the door. I pulled out my gun and took the safety off just incase. Thedoor was left open. I guess any intruders didn’t worry what was living here. The smell of the house got to me. It reeked of death. I was trying not to gag as I made my way inside. I kept my back clear and slowly looked around trying not to catch any attention. I made my way towards what I assumed was the kitchen and found some stow water and bread sitting on the counter. Though by now a couple of flies had died in it. The cupboard doors were hanging off and debris had settled on most surfaces. The knife that had been used to cut the bread was blunt and I’m sure it wasn’t just used for cutting up bread. That’s when I saw the remains of human hair.

What was going on here? Had I stumbled upon something that was out of my league? I cautiously moved towards the basement. It is a well known fact that most hostages are taken to the basement. But as the dust floated down from the stairs I had a bad feeling this didn’t always apply to this nest of vampires.

I pushed forward and when my eyes had adjusted to the darkness I could see three coffins and two freshly dug graves. From what @SidheCorrigan and myself had worked out, there should have only been three. What made things worse was it started to feel like something I’d experienced a long time ago. But I couldn’t work out what it was. Something I could only describe as ‘evil’.

I left the basement a little surprised and creeped out. Normally vamps kept hostages in their basements, but with a group os psychotic vamps it was difficult to tell.

I could feel the sweat on my skin as I edged my way upstairs with my back against the wall. I was gripping onto my gun tightly incase something wasn’t sleeping. The floorboards must have creaked as something scuttled past in the shadows. I was hoping it was just a rat, there are worse things.

I started calling out for Morgan once I knew where the vamps were. I just hoped they didn’t have a day person. There was a trail of blood etched across the floor coming from one room. It looked like there had been a fight or a corpse had been dragged through the hallway. It was then I started to panic. Could it have been Morgan’s body? Had that son-of-a-bitch killed her?

I followed the trail cautiously to the room, and pushed open the door hoping something wasn’t also going to find me. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end. I felt like I was being watched.

That’s when I saw her. My legs gave way. It was hard to tell at first through the boarded up windows, but she’d been tied to the bed and was pale like the dead. I thought the worst. I could feel my eyes starting to fill up as I tried to hold the tears back. I was too late.

There’s a saying, I didn’t think much of it until this day. You don’t realise how much you love someone until their gone. Don’t matter if you had a fight or you just don’t speak to them. When they’re gone feeling regret is probably one of the most painful feelings in the world.

I could have done something. I should have been there. I should have asked the @Crimson_Cyclone’s to guard her home, even if she’d declined for their help. I should have installed security cameras. But would all of that have helped? Against a normal human it might have. Against a vampire, unlikely.

I’d come to realize how much I needed Morgan as she lay there in the shadows. I must have rest my head on her feeling helpless as I did so. She hadn’t moved in a few minutes, and I can’t describe the adrenaline rush I had when Morgan moved. She was still alive, but just barely. I was in no state of mind back then to realize Nathaniel’s plans for her. I have strange feeling he was going to try and turn her. Make her a vampire so that he would always have her. It still doesn’t make sense why there were five resting places though. Was there another vampire living there?

Morgan couldn’t speak well. She was frail and in need of medical attention. She was trying hard to communicate with me. I reckon I mist have been crying as I told her that I was in love with her. But I don’t think she remembered it.

My priorities had changed. I lifted her as gently as I could. I stole her back from Nathaniel and placed her in the truck. I went back into the nest and wrote something for him to find in my own blood on a wall.

“Fuck you Nathaniel. Morgan is mine”

If he found it I’ll never know. At least the scent of my blood would drive him crazy.

I drove to Shreveport hospital as fast as could. Morgan was still zoning in and out of consciousness. They took her from me and pushed me back away from her. At least I knew she was in good hands now. The nurses told me to fill out some forms while they diagnosed her. Believe me, it was the last thing I wanted to do. I must have text or called Crystal to let her know Morgan had been found. As they calmed me down I sat down with the clipboard to fill it out. I didn’t get very far.

Someone was blocking my view as I was trying to fill out the forms. I must have glanced up only to see one of the @Crimson_Cyclones worst people you want to deal with. @Naturelle_BTM had been sent out. She’s like the walking rule book so that we don’t get out of line. She reports to @NanFlangan, and I have no idea what other authorities she’s in league with. She’s kinda like the Smoking Man from The X-Files, but instead of smoking, she just oozes out ice. Funnily enough, @SidheCorrigan has a ‘thing’ for her. Whether it’s sincere I have no idea. I guess he likes teasing her, or he finds her cold attitude a relief. There’s a flipside to Corrigan. As nice as the guy is, he carries a burden on his shoulders. He’s never had a stable relationship, if that’s what you want to call it. He’ll date a girl for lunch or a meal. He’ll give the girl his time, but that’s all. I recall trying to ask him why a fae would join the CC when it’s run by vampires. All he told me was that he had reasons.

Nauturelle detained me in Shreveport Hospital. I was to be held under surveillance for the next 24hrs for rescuing Morgan. I had jumped the gun without proper back-up into a nest of the worst vampires I’ve come across.

December 20

I woke up I what I could only describe as a small prison cell with silver bars. A toilet and a bed. That’s all I needed, that’s all I was getting. No windows, just a solitary light which the guard turned off at night. I guess you could call it my cooling off chamber.

I was rough in the morning. I guess Naturelle was only doing her job. Protecting us from killing ourselves. This job can make you feel that way sometimes. Right back at the beginning suicide attempts were high until they introduced an enforcer. Some people just couldn’t cope with the day to day activity we endure in the CC. At first they thought it was some kind of fashion statement to say “I work with vampires” some other guys thought it would be cool to hunt all vampires. It took a while before the CC cleaned up is act and started working like a proper agency.

So here was Naturelle. She kept us in line. I hadn’t exactly gone against the rulebook, though I had endangered my life foolishly. This was protocol. They gave me some clean clothes and told me to wash up. I had a lot of explaining to do.

I spent the day at that cell. It wasn’t until night that someone came and got me.

I was taken in for questioning. It wasn’t just Naturelle I had to deal with. Nan Flanagan was also there. That’s all I needed. A vampire and the ice queen, made you wonder who was the good cop, and who was the bad one.

I answered their questions as best I could. Some of them got me riled, but the guards I had standing next to me forced me back down to my seat. I was under observation. They asked me why I hadn’t gotten back up. Why I hadn’t even thought about my son’s welfare. It was almost like getting shot by a machine gun. Each question another bullet.

Nan observed my reactions and didn’t take too kindly when I brought up the subject about Russell Edgington. Fact of the matter is, this could have been a whole PR mess up again. I’d been lucky, I’d escaped that demonic nest with my life intact. But luck isn’t something you should gamble your life for. I’d been no good if I’d been caught and dead. My son might have been given up for adoption. To a family that took advantage of his gift or spurned him for it. Or he might have been given to family to look after. I just hoped if that happened he’d go to Sookie. But my first choice would have been to Morgan. But with the danger that surrounds her, I wouldn’t want or burden her. If I died, she’d be alone again. She’d probably leave Bon Temps and keep on running from Nate. Or finally give up to be his play thing. I can’t die. I just hope it’ll be a natural one and not when I’m in action.

I partially lied when I was bombarded with questions. My actions questioned. I was asked if I’d killed those vampires. If I had left anything for them. If I was thinking of killing them. If I’d said ‘yes’ I would have been in more trouble than I was already in. I wanted to set fire to that house. I wanted to kill every vampire in there. But the Cyclones have a set of rules. I probably haven’t written anything about it. I’ve never needed to. But let’s put it this way, I would have been out of a job, I’d have had to move. I wouldn’t be safe, neither would Hunter.

The interrogation went on for what seemed forever. Nan had the final verdict for the night. She’d assigned me to desk duty and told me I had to train up the new recruits. It didn’t look like Naturelle was too pleased with the verdict. She wanted me to undergo pyschiatric evaluation. I’d gotten off pretty lightly considering.

She let me go. I was given my stuff back, my phone was on the verge of dying. I had my truck keys but no truck. I was stranded. I ended up calling Sidhe Corrigan to ask for his help. It took him a while to get there, but it gave me a chance to think. Morgan was alive. That’s all that’s mattered. I’d chosen family over everything else.

When Corrigan arrived he was holding  two burritos. This was going to play hell on my stomach. But at least it was food, I hadn’t eaten much since being at the hospital. I stayed at his place for the night sleeping on his couch. He drove me to the hospital the following morning.

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