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To: @MorganCooperBTM / Next week, Vacation Time, Dog Show

October 19, 2010

Hi Morgan

Just thought I’d email you from work. My boss finally returned back from Mexico. He seemed pretty relaxed and brought back some Mexican candy, so right now I’m eating Mexican candy and trying to fill out paperwork. Just hope I don’t leave sticky traces while I’m filing things away. He’s also put jumping beans on my desk, and they’re hopping around like rabbits. I’m not too keen having those on my desk cos they have this weird bug inside and it’s kinda creepy.

Asked if I could go on vacation next week and he gave me the all clear. Hunter’s still got school next week, so I have to stay in Louisiana. I know you’re struggling financially at the moment, but hopefully we’ll get First Prize at the dog show next week. I hope you’ve been taking good care of yourself, you’re going to have to look your best. Which reminds me, I still need to read the rule book and see what I have to bring. I ain’t entered this kind of contest before, so I guess I’m going to fumble things up. I’ll let his teacher know when I go and pick him up from school today that he’ll be missing a day from school to go. Still ain’t figured out what she is, but I did do some research on her name. Did you know there was some kind of voodoo woman by the name of Marie Leveau? You reckon there’s a link to Hunter’s teacher? Here’s the link

The baby robin is getting bigger, I’ll bring it up to Bon Temps this weekend and we can release  him there. Can’t keep him in the house with the cat, Eric would eat him. Just hope he survives.

I think that’s everything? I know I’ve probably forgotten something.

Gotta go, this paperwork won’t file itself. My friend Corrigan says ‘Hi’. He also says I should stop taking photos of you pouting cos he’s seen my computer background at work LOL


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