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Recap: October

October 19, 2010

So what’s been happenin’ so far? After @Nathaniel_LGrey jus’ lost it and broke my window, @MorganCooperBTM fled back to Bon Temps. But the followin’ day, @HunterSavoyRD & I drove up to stop her. It was a weird few days, Morgan seemed kinda lost but she’s doin’ better now. She’s not runnin’ anymore, but it’s been quiet. I don’t like it when things go quiet, especially when Nathaniel is involved. It jus’ means trouble, I’d prefer to know where he is and what he’s doin’, but it’s as silent as the grave.

Even the death toll has somewhat decreased over the past month, it’s like one of our crazy vamps went on vacation or somethin’. However some diary entries have been found, and can be read here

I can’t place it, but the name @VernonKellan jus’ sounds familiar some how. So does the face when I looked into the @Crimson_Cyclone records. I think I need to check the paperwork to see if those records need updating again.

Since then, Morgan’s been openin’ up to me some more, we’ve had some robins lay eggs outside in my yard and we’ve started puttin’ up Hallowe’en decorations. Though I wasn’t too fond about goin’ up into the attic to go get them. I have a lot of old memories up there, a lot of old weddin’ photos and even the suit I wore. I guess I should have given it away to charity or somethin’, but the damn suit was so expensive when I bought it. All it does now is gather dust.

I guess I wasn’t my best when I came back down from the attic, I really need to clean up there at some point. Maybe next spring.


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  1. thegracefuldoe permalink
    November 25, 2010 5:13 pm

    Hi, I just wanted to point out that on your About page you have Hadley’s surname as Hale, but her surname is actually Delahoussaye.

    From the short story ‘One Word Answer’: “HadleyDelahoussaye , my only cousin, had vanished into the underworld of drugs and prostitution years before.”

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