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Nathaniel’s Rage

September 7, 2010

It’s been a while since I last blogged anything. I thought maybe @Nathaniel_LGrey had finally moved on. We’d had a peaceful time in Paris, France. I felt relaxed and so did @MorganCooperBTM. @HunterSavoyRD is still young, sometimes I wish I was because he sees the world through different eyes.

But, since our return to Louisiana, it’s been nothing but trouble. Even just going through security at the airport was a misery. Morgan and Hunter passed through the electronic scanner, while I had to walk through it several times. Only to find out that the security scanner was playing up.

Since then it’s only gone downhill for us. Morgan had to return back to work, and all I’ve been receiving from work are reports of @VampireRussell‘s TV debut on the local news. @NanFlanaganAVL has been kept busy trying to sort this mess out, and the @Crimson_Cyclone‘s have been trying to locate his whereabouts and his intentions. We’ve found out enough about his Nazi involvement during World War 2, but this goes far deeper.

@Eric_ofArea5 has been ordered to deal with the situation without the AVLs assistance from The Authority, and we cannot get involved because of that.

…and on top of all of this I have to deal with Nathaniel. He’s been leaving flowers from the local cemetery at Morgan’s home again. He’s also thrown objects at her door and forced it off it’s hinges.

But most recently he has managed to locate my home in Red Ditch. It was this past Saturday night. We had just finished playing a game of UNO with Hunter. I guess Morgan’s luck was at an all time low, she had difficulty winning any games. But it’s just a game, I had to keep telling her that even if she doesn’t like losing.

It was getting late, so we had to stop at some point to make dinner. I thought roast chicken, beans and mash potatoes would have been easy… But we burnt the chicken and the beans. The potatoes had overflowed and the stove was a wreck. When I went to call Hunter, he’d fallen asleep. Guess all the excitement from the game wore him out.

I’d not seen Morgan for a whole week. I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. It’s hard being a parent, you sacrifice your own life to make sure they never have to grow up with the problems you did. Giving them everything in hope that you make their life a little easier. Sometimes it makes me wonder how Morgan copes with me. She could have chosen a single guy, someone she could do things with that I just can’t. I also often wondered if she could cope with Hunter’s disability. I know I’ve had to adapt and becareful of what I think and do. Did that make me a better man?

Anyway, enough of me rambling. Morgan & I decided to spend some intimate time together. Everything was ok at the time, just a normal couple doing things that couples do. When the window smashed.

At first I thought it was some local thugs from the neighbourhood. I had heard the uprise in biker gangs had spread to Red Ditch, but then a familiar voice bellowed. I had attempted to shield Morgan from the glass, taking the impact on my back. It was only small shards that hit me, but it was enough to cut small slices into me. I didn’t bleed much, but the next morning I felt a burning sensation.

The familiar voice belonged to Nathaniel, Morgan’s ex-boyfriend who just happens to also be a vampire who has a blood bond with her. I had reports come in with a similar incident. A vampire named Franklin was stalking a Bon Temps resident. Undisclosed information was attached to the file when I had to deal with that issue. Now that vampire has gone MIA, just hope no one got hurt.

Nathaniel threw a chair and a plant. Also started calling out the name Rosalyne. I moved Morgan to the safest place I could in my bedroom, covered her up as best I could with the bedsheets. Luckily I’ve been prepared for something like this for some time.

I work for the Crimson Cyclones. We specialise in the eradication or sedation of troublesome vampires. So at his current time we have Russell Edgington in our bingo books, Nathaniel L Grey, @Chloe_Lawson and a host of other vampires. We’ve also started to eradicate Weres. Job ain’t easy, but it pays well and I also have protection for Hunter. He is my priority. What better place to hide him but under their own fangs.

I pulled out the shotgun I had concealed in my closet on the top shelf. Loaded it with STD shells and warned Nathaniel. STD shells have a concentrated dose of the sino-AIDS virus. Due to the healing ability that vampires possess, the virus spreads in their blood system rapidly. It normally takes a few shots, depending on the vampire. Guess you could call them a vamp tranquilliser. It makes them weak, and with a high enough dosage it can be lethal.

I am well aware that a vampire can glamor a human, so I had to conceal myself as best I could. Morgan was shrieking in the room, so it made it difficult to concentrate. At least he wasn’t invited in, but now he knew where Hunter and I lived. This news does not bode well with me, but this was inevitable. I took that risk.

Broken glass ain’t nothing that can be fixed, luckily I have insurance and the AVL can partially pay for these damages… As soon as I can put the paperwork in for it.

I shot Nathaniel in the foot, hoping it would make him start tap dancing. Guess his regeneration skills have been passed down to him from his maker. He left the scene. At least I managed to get rid of him.


The neighbors called the police. They’d heard the shot. Guess they thought Morgan and I had a domestic dispute. Luckily they hadn’t seen the damage to my back because I didn’t answer the door with the lights on. I had to make up some story that some thugs had targeted my house and had decided to damage my property. I’d fired a warning shot. Fortunately for me the Bon Temps police department ain’t too smart.

I slept on my front on the floor. My back burned too much. It wasn’t until noon that I woke up. Morgan was sleeping on the couch. She was shaking in her sleep. I wasn’t sure whether to wake her, wasn’t sure if she was having one of those Nathaniel sex dreams. Eventually she woke up startled.

She was strange that day. She shut me out. I tried talking to her but she seemed adamant to just give up. I don’t know what I was feeling back then, I was mixed up. Torn between desperation and concern.

No words were going to stop her that day. She grabbed her belongings and left, leaving her dog @RustyBTM with us.


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