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Wonderful Paris…

August 4, 2010

We’re having a wonderful time in Paris. We both needed this vacation and I really feel that Paris has brought us closer, Remy and I. We can behave like a normal couple and I really love being with them 24/7. @RemySavoyRD and I usually only see each other on weekends and those always pass so fast…We’ve been in Paris for over a week now and I can say with certainty that I really love being with Remy and @HunterSavoyRD of course. Remy and I really get along great and we didn’t fight once. He’s just the sweetest man ever, I couldn’t have found a better man.
Anyways, the other day we ate a crèperie, the Crèperie des Arts and it was delicious. Remy had Crèpe à la crème de marrons, Hunter had a nutella crèpe with strawberries and I had crèpe Suzette. This was a pleasant evening and Remy decided to buy a bottle of wine for us to share at the hotel…Err I was really tipsy after one glass and my poor Remy had to deal with a koala that nite. Yeah, I shifted into a koala and apparently used him as a tree. How embarassing but he thought it was cute.
The next day we stayed in and only went out for dinner. I slept late and we were kinda tired. When I finally decided to go get dressed to go out, I realized that my locket was missing. I panicked and wanted to cry cuz this is the locket Remy got me for my birthday, y’know the one with a pic of Hunter and me as a Golden Retriever…anyways, I love that locket so Remy helped me look for it and seeing that I was sulking he threw a pillow at me and messed up my hair! Needless to say I picked up the pillow and threw it back at him. Remy and I had a err pillow fight…When I’m with him I really feel like a teenage girl. I can’t help it. Remy is special to me and he makes me feel so happy, he makes me giggle like a school girl. When I’m with him all I want is to feel him close, hold him, kiss him. Remy makes me feel safe. Anyways, we found the locket and headed out for dinner. We went to the Champs Elysées and ate Italian. The restaurant was called the Casa Luca. It was a really nice restaurant and the food was delicious…but that’s not the memory I’ll keep of this place. The waiter you see…was a jerk. He was really arrogant and rude. He really pissed Remy. Let me tell you what happened. We were at our table and we were talking and we were joking around and I hurt Remy’s feelings a lil’ saying that I didn’t mind love handles…Remy then thought he had love handles and felt self-conscious. I felt bad so even though we weren’t alone I tried to comfort him so I held him and cuddled him a lil’…we were kind of in our own lil’ world and didn’t see the waiter waiting for us…He was kinda rude and he kinda pissed off Remy. The waiter was then very rude with me cuz I didn’t know what i wanted to eat and when I asked for a coke, he said they didn’t serve that…Oh and he also kept looking at my breasts, I felt so ill at ease. I was worried cuz I could see Remy was this close to kicking the guy’s ass, I tried to calm him down and he did but he decided to make the waiter pay. He kept asking for things and made the waiter run around. Eventually, the waiter called his superior, a guy called Pierre and complained to him about us. That Pierre guy obviously knew his waiter and was on our side. Apparently several patrons have complained about him and so Pierre apologized to us and said that our meals were on the house. So what started as a sucky dinner ended up being great.

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