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August 3rd…

August 4, 2010

Yesterday was an important day for me. August 3rd, our two months together anniversary. I woke up in the morning excited at the thought that Remy and I, have made it two months…I know, for a regular couple, two months is no big deal but with Nathaniel around you know? Two months ago on June 3rd, my birthday, Remy asked me out. This was probably one of the best, most important day in my life. Anyways, I’ve waited all day for Remy to say something, offer me flowers or whatever and he never did. I was very upset but couldn’t believe it so I convinced myself that he probably wanted to surprise me that nite. But he didn’t. Remy noticed that something was wrong as I had been cold and distant with him all day so he asked me what was wrong. This upset me even more, he had no clue, so I tried giving him hints…in vain. I then told him about the anniversary. I was so hurt and disappointed and Remy understood that so he walked over to me and explained himself. He was so sorry and tried comforting me the best he could and it worked. You see…for Remy everyday with me is special so he didn’t think an anniversary mattered. He explained to me that he doesn’t want to celebrate only 1 day a month. I agreed with him and understood his point of view but I can’t help it. I care about anniversaries and that day meant something to me. Remy promised me he would make it up to me…I don’t know what he has planned but all I can say is that, that nite he already did make it up to me…He pampered me. I won’t say more. That’s between my chouchou and me.

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