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Koala’s in Paris

August 2, 2010
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It’s been a week now in Paris. @HunterSavoyRD has been picking up some French words while we’ve been here. I guess that’s because of his telepathy. He keeps trying to say random French sentences, though I can’t understand most of it. Most of it is regular French talk, but sometimes he starts saying French swear words, which can be a little embarrassing. Luckily no one has mentioned anything about his quirk, least I hope not.

We’ve yet to visit Disneyland, so I reckon we’ll be doing that this week. I’ve also promised Hunter I’d take him to the movies. I just hope it’s in English. He’s been watching French Sponge Bob on the TV, luckily he’s watched most of those back home in Louisiana, so he knows what’s going on.

As for @MorganCooperBTM and myself, we’ve been enjoying the food and the nite life. We don’t have to worry about @Nathaniel_LGrey and the folks here are pleasant… Except some of the waiters. To steal a phrase from a good friend of ours, some of the waiters here are complete “douche bags”. Just saying.

We’ll be writing a few postcards to some of the good folks in Bon Temps, hopefully they’ll arrive before we do! Always a funny thing when you send things abroad, never know how long they’re going to take to get there.
You have no idea how much we’ve needed this vacation. It’s like being a regular couple, even though Morgan is a shifter. Y’know, one nite we decided to buy some wine as I’ve never seen her drink before. I know she has been tipsy before though, but I wasn’t there to see it, if you know what I mean. You’ll have to ask Morgan or Aulac about that!

When Morgan starts drinking she gets very friendly. Not that she wasn’t friendly to begin with. She’s quite the er… Giggler? Is that even a word? Anyway, she started drinking, then started stripping. The next thing I knew, I was being used as a tree. She’d shifted into a koala and start to climb up my leg. She then licked my nose as a koala!

I’d never seen her shift before, so that was new to me. It’s not what I’d expected, nothing like American Werewolf in London. The change was so quick it seemed perfectly natural.

I had to gently hold the koala, not done that before either, and put her on the bed. It was quite funny seeing a drunk koala. She was swaying a bit before she fell asleep. That’s when I saw her shift again, back into her human form.
Got to go now, I’ll see if I can post another blog soon.


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