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June so far…

June 20, 2010

It’s been a while since I last wrote a full post. But if you haven’t figured out by now, @MorganCooper_BT and myself are finally dating. Let me start from the beginning. That’s usually a good place to start ain’t it?

Luau Party (30th May 2010)

@Crystal_BonTemp and @Cassie_BT arranged a homecoming party for me. Since I’d just got out of hospital they thought a party was fitting. Lets just say there were a lot of coconuts involved. @SamMerlotteBT turned up wearing a provocative t-shirt and Crystal clothed Morgan in traditional Hawaiian clothing. I don’t think I could formulate words properly that day, Morgan was wearing a coconut bra and an Hawaiian skirt. @WitchCamKelly was also there, along with @PixieTheElf. I’m still trying to remember what happened that nite, but er… yeah. There were coconuts involved and a big ol’ pig.

Memorial day (31st May 2010)

Morgan and I haven’t exactly been completely honest with each other since we’ve met. I’ve never told her my history, and I still didn’t know much about her. All I knew was that she was a waitress working at @MerlottesBarBT. I still remember the first time we met, and it wasn’t exactly through one of those dating services or being introduced by friends. My son @HunterSavoyRD had met her first, I guess it was through his telepathy. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but it’s been interesting how my son has helped me find someone I genuinely care about. She’s not like my ex-girlfriend Kristen or my ex-wife @VampHadley. Morgan is the quiet type, she’s caring and thoughtful. She loves my son’s company and I like spending time with her. We’ve done so many things together and have been through so much, through bad times and good.

Anyway, I’m losing track… but like I said, both of us have not had much time to discuss why we kept secrets from each other. She used to ask me about my scarred hands, and I often wondered about her relationship with @Nathaniel_LGrey, who has been a thorn in both of our sides (or necks).

Who am I? Well that’s an easy question I guess. My name is Remy Savoy. I was born on the 24th October 1975 and I’ve travelled in and out of Louisiana. I was born and raised in Louisiana and I’ve lived in New Orleans. That’s where I met my ex-wife Hadley. She was at a party and we hooked up from there. But people change, and we divorced after the birth of Hunter.

I’m a cop. I’ve worked in Dallas, Shreveport before settling in New Orleans. I began working for the police in 1998 in a special unit that was later called the ‘Crimson Cyclones’. I was naive and excited by the ‘Great Revelation’. That’s when the vampires came out of their hidey-holes and Tru:Blood was introduced around the globe. The unit is part of the AVL (American Vampire League), it’s not well-known and only a handful of people know about it. Not every vampire or human were open to the idea of the revelation. The Great Revelation created turmoil. The AVL needed a group that would help keep the peace between the two factions, that’s where I come in.

The Crimson Cyclones are here to protect both human and vampire rights. There are occasional incidents that require a special ops team to suppress rogue vampires from disturbing the peace. I helped develop the Silver Net Gun and two types of bullets. I’m no Blade, so I get injured and prefer not to be in the line of fire because I have a son to look after. The Crimson Cyclones has a mixture of vampires and humans working for them globally. We form and disappear when there’s trouble. Other than that, we work remotely so that we cannot be individually tracked down. It’s that inconspicuous.

In my youth I created the STD bullet and the LSD bullet. The STD bullet subdues vampires by releasing a concentrated form of sino-AIDS into the bloodstream. I had help from the developers of Tru:Blood. The toxin releases into the vampire’s bloodstream, causing them to grow weak and faint. It’s like a tranquilizer for vampires.

The LSD bullet (aka Last Silver Death) releases silver into the bloodstream. Bullets heat up upon firing, causing the silver to turn into a liquid. A vampire’s body is cold, so when the bullet reaches them, the liquid begins to solidify. Burning them from the inside out and turning into shards of shrapnel. It was this bullet that scarred my hands for life in my youth. I was one of the original developers, and one blew up in my hands. I was rushed to hospital that day, they’ve never healed since.

I left New Orleans soon after the divorce with Hadley and after finding out what was happening at work. We were unaware that the Fellowship of the Sun was a new uprising faction back then. One of our colleagues has been duped into the whole thing, and had been supplying our work to the FotS. All my work is now on the black market. I felt betrayed and left New Orleans with the little that I had left, and began renting out a small house in Red Ditch. I still work for the Crimson Cyclones, and work closely with a fellow cop by the name of Corrigan.

I told this all to Morgan, it was a great relief to finally take that weight off my shoulders. She then started to tell me about her past and her history with Nathaniel. I think I’ll let her tell that side of her story, but lets just say… I won’t think of her any differently. She’s still the same Morgan I met back at Merlottes and still the kind girl that my son introduced me too.

Morgan’s Birthday (3rd June 2010)

I’d been speaking to @Crystal_BonTemp about surprising Morgan for her birthday. To be quite honest, I had no idea who she was going to invite. I decided that today would be fitting to also ask Morgan if she’d like to… well, we get on so well. So, I thought we could take the ‘next step’… even with Nathaniel still in Louisiana. I took her to a French restaurant in Shreveport called @LesDeuxPoissons. Lets just say, I wasn’t kidnapped or hurled across the restaurant. I finally managed to ask her out.

Here’s a picture of what I bought her

Morgan's Birthday Present

It had a photo of my son, Hunter, and Morgan as a golden retriever. It was the photo I’d taken during one of our early ventures, our trip to the park. It’s made of silver so it can’t be ripped away from her, and inscribed with our names on the back. I thought it was fitting, I hope you think so too. Although someone thought I should have bought her a whip for her birthday.

Morgan liked the gift and said she’d love for us to start dating. I was so relieved, and yet somewhat timid at the same time. After all we’d been through I thought we’d never get to this point. I had my doubts and lets just hope Nathaniel will not be getting involved anytime soon.

The party went as planned as I drove us down to @BlackRoseCafeBT. All of Morgan’s friends were there, and I was introduced to @AulacMacBeth and @sgtJimmyDoyle. Morgan even received a small puppy, who she named @Rusty_BT, at least she won’t be alone in Bon Temps while we’re in Red Ditch.

Trip back to the hospital (5th June 2010)

We had to drive back up to @ShreveportHosp so I could take my stitches out. Morgan had been living with us in Red Ditch for the past week so that she could keep an eye on me. I was still taking painkillers, and nearly blacked out. But today my stitches were coming out. My back had been heavily bruised by Nathaniel and I’d split the back of my head open. While I was at the hospital with Hunter, Morgan went out with Crystal shopping. I felt so relieved that my stitches were out and life would start getting back to normal that I took Hunter out for some toy shopping. Although, it was a bit embarrassing to be paying up for toys and getting sent photos of Morgan in lingerie at the till. Yea, you heard right. Crystal was sending me photos of Morgan in lingerie, they were shopping in Victoria’s Secret.

Hunter’s last day at school (June 11th 2010)

I guess this is a relief for him. He won’t be hearing voices in his head so much, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him. At least he won’t be spending time with his teacher who’s addicted to V. I’m starting to wonder why there has been an increase in V addicts lately. I hear someone’s selling them in Bon Temps?

Hunting a vampire in Europe (June 16th 2010)

Was told that a crazed vampire was loose in Europe. You’ll have to read the previous posts about what happened. But in short, we chased the vampire from Prague to Finland and into Norway. Vampire was taken down, though unintentionally killed in the process by Corrigan’s upgraded silver bullets. I spent some time in Norway before taking a flight back to Shreveport Airport via Anubis Air. You’ll have to read the previous posts for the full story.

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