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Goin’ back home

June 17, 2010

You read it folks, I’m goin’ back home. Ellen is going to stay a while here in Oslo, Norway. She says she has family here she’d like to see. I’m going to be taking a rest before I go back to Louisiana. We’ve been working throughout the nite and I’m starting to develop black circles around my eyes. Even the coffee here ain’t waking me up.

Flight out of Oslo is in the evening, I have to file a report when I get back and tell Corrigan about his new bullets. I’m not sure if the AVL will endorse such things or keep it in a vault locked up somewhere.  I just hope that bullet does not get out on the black market. Corrigan better watch his back, I’m sure the Fellowship of the Sun will take interest in his work.

I hope @MorganCooper_BT and my son @HunterSavoyRD will come and meet me at the airport. My hands are in bandages though… again.


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