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June 17, 2010

Damn these bullets Corrigan has been working on work well. A little too well. I know they were only experimental bullets for the job, but I wasn’t expecting what I just saw. The LSD (Liquid Silver Death) bullets that I had originally participated in creating have been upgraded. They now contain Nitric Acid Silver.

One shot of the bullet took the vampire down to the ground. By the second shot I could see that his skin was turning pitch black. Even the other vampires weren’t too happy with the outcome. I didn’t even need to fire a third round, the vampire was convulsing as the new bullets ate at him from the inside out. Normally bullets are eventually repelled by a vampire, but this bullet released it’s goods before the rogue vampire had a chance to heal.

The other vampires are reluctant to go near the steaming residue. That’s just gross.


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