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My week with Hunter…

June 4, 2010

Ok so you’ve all heard about what happened to @RemySavoyRD. We were at @TMBarGrill having a great time and Remy was about to ask me something when @Nathaniel_LGrey appeared out of nowhere and violently grabbed my arm ‘n pulled me away from Remy. Nathaniel’s grip was tight…he hurt me a lil’. This pissed Remy and he tried to stop Nathaniel and ended up being tossed across the room. Remy was unconscious. Nathaniel then tried to attack @HunterSavoyRD as Remy had wounded him badly, staking him in the gut, he wanted blood. Hunter did something with his hands and Nathaniel was pushed away…It was weird but I’m glad Hunter wasn’t harmed. We took Remy to the hospital. He was in a bad state. The docs then told me that he was in a coma and they didn’t know when he’d wake up.

I didn’t know what to do…I felt so sad, so scared and so lost. I didn’t know what to do with Hunter…I love the kid and he was so sad, so I decided to take him home with me. Hunter stayed all week with me ‘n we visited Remy at the hospital together every day. I felt so guilty…Remy got hurt cuz of me. In my mind, he should’ve let Nathaniel take me and he wouldn’t have been hurt and Hunter wouldn’t be without his dad.

I called Sam the next day to tell him that I wouldn’t be able to come to work… @SamMerlotteBT then told me that I could take Hunter at work with me and that he’d help me look after him. Sam was amazing all week. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. Really. He took care of Hunter…and he was a great friend to me. He even took Hunter and me to eat some ice cream after getting Remy’s truck back.

Honestly, I am grateful for all my friends. They’ve been awesome all week. This week was very rough for me. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat (apparently…lost weight)…I was so worried about not being able to take good care of Hunter. I can barely take care of myself so imagine a kid! I love Hunter and didn’t want to let Remy down. I tried my best…and I think Hunter and I ended up having fun. I did the best I could and just showed him that I love him very much.

The first few days at the hospital were…heart-breaking. Seeing Remy in bed like that was horrible. Hunter couldn’t hear him and that worried me so much. The docs kept tellin’ me that his vitals were stable…that he would wake up as soon as the inter-cranial pressure dropped…But  I was worried. A few days later, Hunter was finally able to hear him ‘n that was a great relief! I felt so much better knowing that Remy was In there…Remy eventually woke up on a Sunday nite. He started stirring and suddenly opened his eyes. I can’t describe in words how happy I was at this moment. It was wonderful. Remy was back…but he was in deep pain. His head hurt and his back was sore.Remy had to stay in the hospital for another whole week. The docs wanted to keep an eye on him. Hunter and I went to see him everyday. Remy was getting better every day. I really enjoyed our visits to the hospital…Except that one day with that bimbo nurse who hit on Remy with me in the room…*rolls eyes* Anyways, except that lil’ incident, the visits were nice. Remy finally got out of the hospital…and I went home with them in Red Ditch to take care of Remy.

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