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May 24, 2010

I’m writing this a week late. I’ve only just woken up. I can’t believe a week of my life has just passed by. One minute I’m sitting down to dinner with @Morgan_BonTemps and @HunterSavoyRD at @TMBarGrill, the next I’m waking up in @ShreveportHosp.

My mind is a little hazy on details, but I remember spending most of Saturday with Morgan and Hunter at her place. We drove up to Bon Temps like we normally do and spent some time together making each other laugh. I think we ended up watching @HBO because Ice Age was on the TV. After the movie finished, we headed up to Shreveport. Ordered our food like normal folks and I was trying to stir up the courage to ask Morgan if she’d like to well… y’know. We get along so well, I thought I might try my luck. But I wasn’t sure if she’d like someone like me, considering I’m already a father of one and Hunter’s telepathy takes some getting used to.

So I held her hands and was trying to find the right words when @Nathaniel_LGrey sped into the Bar & Grill. I wasn’t exactly prepared for this, so didn’t have any kind of silver on me or a stake. Nate grabbed Morgan forcefully out of her seat taking her hands away from me. I guess I wasn’t thinking straight because I was afraid for both Morgan and my son’s welfare. I tried trying to spin Nate around to punch his lights out, but that kind of thing doesn’t work on vampires. I ended up punching his back, so I lifted up one of the chairs and smashed it across his back instead.

Catching any vampires attention is just a bad idea. You don’t know what they’re going to do to you, they’re stronger than you are, and they could easily glamour you. Being human has it’s flaws, but at least I’m not going around drinking blood every night. I’d miss drinking coffee in the morning.

Fortunately I’d made myself a stake by smashing Nate with the chair. One chair leg = one make do stake. Sometimes you have to work with what you’re given.

I thought of aiming for Nate’s undead heart, but just before I drilled the stake in, Morgan let out a cry. She told me not to, which diverted my attention and I ended up staking him in his gut. There’s a problem if you stake a vampire in his gut… he’s not going to die.

Last thing I remember is being winded and cracking my skull on a wall as Nate swept his arm at me. Now I’m waking up in Shreveport Hospital and I feel like I’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler. What’s been going on all week?

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