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Supper at Morgan’s

May 11, 2010

After meeting up on Thursday, @Morgan_BonTemps invited us over to dinner on Saturday nite. It was her way to say ‘Sorry’, although I’ve always told her to stop apologizing for things that don’t need apologizing for. We decided to cook pizza, so I ended up buying the groceries at @GrabbitKwik on the way up from Red Ditch.

When we arrived, Morgan and I prepared the dough, as it needs to sit for an hour before you can use it as a base. It was a quiet evening but eventually we were kept busy by @PupHelena who started to chase a mouse around Morgan’s home in Bon Temps. I have no idea where the mice have come from, but it looks like Morgan might need to call an exterminator. However, I told her I’d bring up Eric (our cat), who is nature’s exterminator. We’d forgotten about the pizza, so it was burnt by the time we took it out of the oven.

We started to serve the pizza, but someone rung the doorbell. I went to answer and hit someone in the face with Morgan’s screen door. I thought it might be a neighbour but it was @Nathaniel_LGrey. I only recognised him because of his accent. Luckily vampires cannot cross the threshold unless they’re invited, and he couldn’t glamour me through a screen door. At least I hoped not.

When I told Morgan that her ex was at the door, she nearly flipped. But here’s the gist of what happened that nite. Nate told Morgan that he’d slept with her last weekend. I slammed the door in his face and dragged Morgan away, I was not going to believe Nate considering he nearly killed her a few weeks ago. Morgan was in shock, and it took a while for her to gather her senses so I sent her to get some rest with Hunter.

In the morning she woke me up and told me about the sexual dreams she’d been having with Nate. I didn’t want to believe her at first, but this has created a question in my mind. Does Morgan really want me, or is her sub-conscience telling her that Nate is the one she really wants? Like I’ve said in previous posts, I need to start thinking of my son’s welfare. I can’t have another situation like Kristen. So, if Morgan and I really want to be together I wanted to spend some time alone thinking about things. Rushing into things is easy, but making something work is much harder… and I really want something that’s worth fighting for.


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