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Can my week get any worse?

May 8, 2010

It’s been a nightmare this week here in Red Ditch. After I left @Morgan_BonTemps my week seemed to have gotten worse.

I didn’t speak to her on Monday, she needed some time alone. I spoke to @BitchWithFangs and she agreed that Morgan needed some space to herself. I called up Tuesday night instead, and told her I would make my way up to Bon Temps to see her on Wednesday. I was hoping I could apologise to her for any misery I had caused her, I never intend to. It’s never intentional… but every time we’re together, I make her cry…

Wednesday came, and I picked up @HunterSavoyRD from school. I was a little late because some idiot at work had written up a report wrong. So I had to travel up to Bon Temps with extra work in the back seat and a heavy heart in my chest.

It was quite strange, the truck seemed to have some kind of rumbling coming from the engine as we drove up to Bon Temps. I decided to look at the gas, it was running low, so had to return back to Red Ditch to fill her up. I started driving again after I had filled the truck up with gas and started to drive up to Bon Temps. But I was nervous, so ended up driving the scenic route to Bon Temps. I thought I might drive to @BTFloral to get Morgan some flowers, but the truck stalled before we even reached Bon Temps.

We were stuck in the middle of the swamp between Bon Temps and Red Ditch. I wasn’t even sure where we were. I had to make several phone calls to find a tow truck. Eventually I managed to get one guy, and it was already late in the evening when he arrived. I guess he had a hard time trying to locate us, as I wasn’t sure exactly where we were either.

My phone was dying and I had several things on my mind that I forgot to call Morgan. As the night moved in, and the full moon slowly crept in over us I began to worry. I began to hear animals in the swamp moving, and I was afraid that Hunter would be scared. It always seems eerie on a full moon, seems like all the animals want to come out and play in the dark.

We waited in the dark as the first mechanic tried to move my truck and start up the engine. Instead he released the clutch and the truck rolled backwards into a ditch. I couldn’t believe what an idiot this guy was. After getting out of my truck, he said he’d need another tow truck. I was livid, but I couldn’t do anything about it. He called his boss for a second tow truck, so we had to wait some more.

Waiting in the dark is never fun. Especially if you’re alone. Hunter fell asleep in the back of the truck, and I had no choice but to wait. I thought I heard wolves outside howling whilst waiting. It made me a little uneasy knowing that I had my son with me in the middle of nowhere.

I picked up some of the paperwork that I’d taken with me and flicked through the pages before tossing them back down on the seat next to me. I slammed my hand on the broken truck’s steering wheel and frowned to myself. I decided to slip into the back of the truck with Hunter as he always brings a smile to my face. Kids do that, they don’t have to worry about all the problems we face as adults.

He woke up and asked if we were back in Red Ditch, but I had to explain to him that we were not. I smiled at his sleepy face and heard howling outside the truck. The night atmosphere felt dangerous, y’know the feeling that you get when there’s blood in the air?

Hunter then told me he needed to pee. I guess it was time that his small bladder finally exploded. Even though I didn’ t like the idea of going out in the dark, I took his hand and led him out into a clearing in the swamp. I scanned the area once or twice before I saw something glisten in the darkness. I walked a few feet away from Hunter to see what it was, only to discover @Matt_Crenshaw‘s naked body. It looked like he’d be chewed up and spat out by a gator. It was the blood I had seen that had caught my eye. I’m sure I saw his flesh pulled away from the bone. I wasn’t sure if he was alive or dead, so I knelt over him and checked for a pulse.

You’d be surprised by the things I’ve seen, sights like these just don’t phase me anymore. But that’s a different story.

I called up @VampHadley to tell her that Hunter’s bodyguard was lying near death. I’m not sure how it works, maybe it’s in Hunter’s blood, but she was able to find us. Hadley told me to leave the area, so that Hunter didn’t see what she needed to do. Either she took him as vamp speed would let her to a hospital, or she gave him vampire blood. She wouldn’t be crazy enough to let a guy like Matt drink from her, right?

We left, and the next day I had to work from home. I had no truck, and besides I’d taken work home with me. Even got a papercuts to prove it. What ever happened to computers? Though I’d probably end up getting electric shocks from that.

I tried calling Morgan on the Thursday, but I think my telephone company were having hiccups. I kept getting connected to the wrong numbers. I tried several times, each time a different answering machine. I even ended up calling Fangtasia. I might have called @TB_Sookie‘s boyfriend @WilliamTCompton, by accident of course.

Finally on Friday I managed to get hold of her, the phone call was brief and cold. She told me that she was still suffering from aches in her neck, and I told her that I’d take her to a physiotherapist at @BonTempsFitness on Saturday. We arranged a time and we met up at Morgan’s home in Bon Temps. I took her to the Fitness center, and left Hunter in a dancing class while I worked out in the gym and Morgan saw the physio.

I did some bench presses before one of the female bodybuilders (I’m guessing she’s a regular to have muscles that big) made me feel slightly uncomfortable. So, I moved over to the running machines under her glare. It didn’t help much, but at least I had my back to her. After a while, I’d had enough of feeling uncomfortable and decided to leave the gym. But before I could, Morgan ran in wrapped in a towel. I furrowed my brow at her sudden appearance as she started complaining about her physio. Apparently he had placed his hands in areas he shouldn’t have. I grew angry and told her I’d sort it out, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do just yet, but it wasn’t going to be pleasant.

I went to collect Hunter, who wasn’t enjoying his dance lesson and took him to the men’s locker room. I changed him, had a quick shower and decided to leave him with Morgan whilst I went to have a little ‘chat’ with the physio. I handed the truck keys to Morgan and started asking around for the whereabouts of the physio. Someone pointed me into his direction, which happened to be the staff room. I flung the door open, spun the physio around with one arm and pushed him back against a locker. I raised my other arm with a curled fist and was prepared to knock this guy’s lights out. But I’d rather not result to violence, so instead, I grabbed him by his shirt and forced him back into one of the lockers and slammed the door shut. I’ve never been a fan of men who take advantage of women, even since childhood.

I left the gym without paying and looked up at the sky. It was grey, cloudy and wet. I walked slowly to the truck not caring whether it was raining or not, slid into the drivers seat and didn’t dare look at Morgan incase she felt like I’d done something wrong. I took back the truck keys and drove back to Morgan’s home.

We didn’t speak much, I tried to make some conversation, but Morgan seemed to have her head elsewhere. As Hunter, Morgan and myself sat on the couch, I lightly touched her wrist. She stormed out of the room and I followed her to her bedroom. I was worried as I saw her with her face in her hands sitting on her bed. I sat down next to her and tried to comfort her, but then she stood up and sternly looked at me. The atmosphere in the air was ominous. She started to unleash all her frustrations on me, I was uncertain what to say as much as I wanted to. There was no reason to raise my voice against a Morgan. Although my intentions have never been to harm her, I must have triggered something inside of her. She yelled at me for quite some time, before I stood up and paused next to her as I was exiting the room.

When I returned to Morgan’s lounge, I saw @PixieTheElf with Hunter. I smiled at Pixie quietly as she asked me if there was anything she could do. She must have overheard Morgan yelling at me. I declined her kind offer, and took Hunter home back to Red Ditch.


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