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April 27, 2010

I’d made a few phone calls during the day to New Orleans and Dallas. After hearing @Morgan_BonTemps tell me she didn’t want @Nathaniel_LGrey touching her again, I had to contact a few friends. I cannot tell you more than what you need to know, but I finally ended up calling New York. I had made arrangements for a special cosmetic to be produced that had traces of silver in it. I know facing a vampire is dangerous, so it would have been foolish of me to try and fight Nathaniel. Hunter and I also live in Red Ditch, and I can’t watch like a hawk over Morgan. The easiest solution was to manufacture something that Morgan could apply to herself. It was the best I could do without creating some kind of silver pepper spray, which would have only irritated Nathaniel. He would have just attacked Morgan again, and it would not have prevented him from touching her.

The powder was built upon the idea of products used to stop people biting their nails ( In this case, Nathaniel would burn each time he touches Morgan. Since the powder only has traces of silver, and Morgan does not react to silver, it seemed like a perfect solution. It will sting for a few minutes, nothing permanent, but it will react to any vampire that touches her. Humans can touch her, since humans, weres or fae do not react to silver.

@HunterSavoy and I slept over at Morgan’s this past weekend. She invited us up to Bon Temps on Friday night, and I thought it would be great seeing her again whilst visiting @Merlottes_BT. Not that I was trying to see her in her Merlottes uniform, although it does suit her well… We divulged in conversation with her boss @SamMerlotteBT that evening and when Morgan’s shift ended, we left for her home.

It was great to see Morgan looking so happy with Hunter. It was never like this with Kristen (my ex-girlfriend). If you don’t know by now, Kristen did not understand my son’s little quirk and left. My son, Hunter, is a telepath. He can read minds, just like his Aunt @TB_Sookie. I guess he inherited the trait from his mom @VampHadley.

Anyway, back to our weekend. It was great. What can I say? We had our breakfast and went to Baton Rouge Zoo. They had some kind of ‘Party for the Planet’ going on to celebrate Earth Day. Did you know that Vampire Pam was also supporting Earth Day?

Hunter, Morgan and I saw gators, a family of warthogs, bats, vultures, bears, tigers and even koalas. Hunter was amazed at the animals, asking what each of them were. We even saw otters holding hands Hunter loved seeing the otters holding hands that I decided to hold Morgan’s hand to show him what it was like. Morgan blushed, but it felt right.

I had originally planned the trip so that Morgan could shift into other animals. It was an educational trip for both Morgan and my son, Hunter. I think we did well, we saw most of the animals but I don’t think one day was enough. We even managed ice cream, and I had to wipe it away from Morgan’s lip. I shared my ice cream with Hunter, because he’s the type of kid that wants all the flavors, but doesn’t have the stomach to fit it all in. I’m sure you’ve met kids like that.

We drove back to Bon Temps late in the evening, we must not have reached Morgan’s place until after 7 or 8pm? By that time the sun had set, and when we arrived I saw the TV I had started to unpack the previous nite. So I thought I’d finish the job I’d started. At least they’d put in the power cable in the box this time, unlike the TV I had purchased a few weeks ago.

Whilst doing so, I heard the doorbell chime but Morgan answered it. I thought it was a neighbour of some sort, so I continued fixing the TV. They were talking for a very long time, and by the time I’d finished fixing the TV Morgan shouted. She was having an argument.

I grew concerned and soon found out that Nathaniel had been the ‘neighbour’ visiting. That son-of-a-bitch just won’t leave her alone. Morgan was so shaken she threw herself into my arms. I was angry, but not at Morgan. I’m just grateful he was not able to cross the threshold, or else there would be our blood sprayed on the walls that night.

After I had calmed Morgan down, my son looked out of the window and told me he could feel one hole outside. I have learnt that a telepath cannot read the minds of vampires, however they can count the missing holes that they leave. Nathaniel was outside waiting or leaving.

I told Morgan and my son Hunter to go to bed, and that I would sleep on the couch away from the front door. So when things had settled down, and they were safely in bed, I snuck out of the house and grabbed my shotgun from the truck. I fell asleep on the couch later that evening.

It was quiet, Nathaniel did not show up again. So before Hunter woke up, I put the shotgun back in the truck. I don’t like guns around him, but I do need one around if trouble starts.

We stayed indoors on Sunday spending some quiet time with each other. Curled up on the couch watching TV. It was a slow Sunday afternoon watching cartoons with Hunter. My arm around the girl I so desperately want to be in my life and Hunter’s. Time goes so quickly when you’re having fun… it was nearly 6pm.

I told Morgan that we had to leave, Hunter had school and I had work. It takes an hour and half to drive back to Red Ditch from Bon Temps, so we needed to leave so I could cook Hunter dinner and make sure he would not be too tired for school. There’s a reason why we’re out in the middle of nowhere, away from Bon Temps and the bigger cities.

I took Morgan’s old TV so I could dump it somewhere, and saw that she was eating up inside. I knew what she was feeling, as it was eating away in my gut. My chest felt heavy, but all good things have to come to an end, right? I have a child to look after, I have responsibilities as a father.

After buckling Hunter into his seat, I walked back to Morgan’s door. How much I wanted to kiss her that day, but she seemed so fragile from the night before. I couldn’t kiss her, I did not want her to feel that I was forcing myself upon her. She has been through so much with Nathaniel, that I felt I was just an escape for her, and I want to be so much more than that. Our lips brushed past each other, but I refrained and held her tight… but then, she pushed me away and told me that my son was waiting in the truck.

She started to cry as I grudgingly walked back to the truck. I could not look at her, I wanted to, but I’m gutless when I see a woman cry. I glanced at her, but drove away back to Red Ditch.


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