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I can’t hear youuu!

April 23, 2010

When daddy took me to the hospital to see Morgan, my mommy and Uncle Aidan came to visit too. I didn’t like seeing Morgan on a hospital bed. It was scary 😦 So mommy and Uncle Aidan took me to the caf…et…er..ria. I could hear lots and lots of voices! Hospitals are real busy, everyone was thinking of bad things. They were thinking about drugs, dying and um… there was one woman in the room with mommy and me that was thinking about Uncle Aidan! I didn’t tell Uncle Aidan or mommy, I think mommy would get mad. It was something like this…

“Who is that gorgeous man sitting with that little kid? I’d like to get to know him better… I wonder if that’s his?”

Uncle Aidan taught me how to stop the voices in my head by closing doors! I thought it would hurt, but he said it wouldn’t 😀 He told me to open my mind to everyone. It was weird, because I was always trying to stop the voices. I con…cen…tra..ted hard… and then I had to open up more… and more…

Uncle Aidan then told me to shut them behind a door, and I wouldn’t hear the voices anymore! So um… I closed my eyes, and thought of a door… it was a bright door, and red too! The voices became very quiet… it was like when daddy turns down the radio. It went so quiet…

But sometimes a voice sneaks through. I can’t stop all of them because I’m still learning how to do it, and when I’m at home I let all my daddy’s thoughts in because it’s hard to keep the door shut all day.

Love Hunter

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