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Hello? Who are you?

April 23, 2010

When I woke up, I ended up watching both @HunterSavoyRD and @Morgan_BonTemps sleep for a while. Hunter looked so peaceful, but Morgan was restless. She woke up startled and tried to calm herself down because she didn’t want to walk up Hunter.

After a bit of talking, I realised that the doctors might find it slightly odd that Morgan had fully recovered from her attack on Thursday nite. So, I sneaked her out of the hospital in a wheelchair, whilst she covered her head with a blanket. Maybe I should have left a thank you note on her bed?

We slipped away from Shreveport and I drove her back to Bon Temps. She hadn’t forgotten about her rescuer, and asked me in the truck. I told her that I couldn’t do that, so waited until we reached Bon Temps.

I left Hunter in the truck, and walked her to her door. She was only wearing one of those hospital sacks and a blanket. When we stood at her door and I knew she was okay, I told her. I told her that Nathaniel had both attacked her and rescued her. How messed up is that?

I diverted any strange messages or calls to my phone so that she’d have a peaceful nite. At least that would be one less thing on her mind.

Hunter and I left to Red Ditch, and stopped into Walmart’s to pick up a new TV for Morgan. Got her a real nice one too, at least I hope so. Afterwards we drove back home to Red Ditch and had a pretty restful afternoon.

Late in the evening whilst Morgan and I were texting each other, I had one of them miscellaneous calls. I picked up and heard a strange accent. Kept callin’ me ‘guv’ and ‘mate’. I figured he was British, at least I think he was?

I asked what his name was, and grew cold when I heard his name was @Nathaniel_LGrey… the asshole that had drained Morgan only a few days earlier. There was a slew of insults between us. Nate said that he loved her and acting like he owned her. I was enraged. I mean, if you love someone… you don’t hurt them. Why would you want to hurt someone that you love? He can keep his fangs to himself.

I grew so angry, that I hung up on him. I don’t take kindly to people that hurt myself or my family. I get rude and obnoxious. It’s part of my nature, even though I try and act nice on most occasions. Sometimes I just don’t think with my head. I’ve been in a lot of trouble because of it… but that’s a different story.


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