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Baton Rouge Zoo

April 23, 2010

Today is Friday. It has been an interesting week in Red Ditch. Both Hunter and I have managed to shift our colds for the weekend. Hopefully it’ll be sunny in Bon Temps, as we’re planning a trip to Baton Rouge Zoo with @Morgan_BonTemps tomorrow (Saturday).

I’ve been mostly at home nursing @HunterSavoyRD and talking to Morgan. But yesterday I had another one of those calls with no name, and figured it was Morgan’s ex-boyfriend. I guess @Nathaniel_LGrey just won’t quit. Morgan had mentioned that she’d met Nate at @Merlottes_BT recently, but he was planning to go back again. His voice mocked me on the phone and taunted me, but I’ve dealt with the likes of him before. He tried to scare me, telling me that he was an old vampire. Doesn’t matter how old you are, the young will rise. That’s the way I see things anyway. I mean, if you read Greek mythology, you’ll know that Zeus overthrows his father Cronus. One day I’m sure my son, Hunter will lead the way to great things, but who knows… I can’t predict the future.

So, from now on I’m going to call Nate…’Beepaw’ Nate. That means ‘Grandpa’, I figured being so old he’d have vampire dentures. Our conversation lasted a little longer this time, but I hung up on him because his accent was making me laugh, plus his voice is just irritating.

I called Morgan afterwards to let her know that Nate would be visiting again. I needed to warn her so that he wouldn’t sneak up on her again. She told me she’d call back as soon as Nate had left the bar, at least she was in a public space. I decided to take care of Hunter and put him to bed, at least that would keep me preoccupied until she called. Thankfully she did, which put my mind at ease, but he’d grabbed her arm again. She wished he would stop grabbing hold of her, and I promised her a way. I wasn’t too sure myself, unless I bought a silver coated baseball bat and slammed it down on his hands. But vampires are swift, sneaky and strong. If I were to go one-on-one with a vampire, I’d be dinner. What was I to do?

I couldn’t sleep much with the thought of Morgan in her dire situation. So, the next day at work I made a few phone calls… first to Dallas, then to New Orleans (NOLA). Finally I called someone in New York. I can’t tell you what line of business I’m in, at least not yet.


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