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What happened that nite…

April 20, 2010

You’ve probably heard about my attack, @TBbuzz reported it. Well here is what happened.
I had a long shift at Merlotte’s on Thursday and was feeling really stressed. I had no plans with Remy and Hunter that nite so I decided to go for a “run” in the woods. This always relaxes me. Everything was going fine, I had reached the woods safely, undressed and shifted without being seen. I was having a great time, running around in the woods, barking…doing what dogs do I guess when all of a sudden, I felt a familiar presence. I turned around to see Nathaniel.

He probably used our bond to locate me. I was really in no mood to deal with him that nite. He wanted to talk and wanted me to shift back. I didn’t want to, because one I didn’t want to be naked in front of him, and two I didn’t want to talk to him. So I growled. As always, he didn’t take me seriously and approached me to pat my head and I bit his hand. Nathaniel was amused by it and kept saying that I should stop being ridiculous…he approached me again and again I bit his hand, harder this time and started running away. That was probably one of the stupidest things I could’ve done. Nathaniel used his vamp speed to catch me up and he grabbed me by the neck. It hurt like hell, and I couldn’t breathe well. He was really pissed by then and again, asked me to shift. I started struggling, and tossing and tried to bite him again to get away which got him even more pissed. He started shaking me and threatened me saying that I could either shift back on my own will or he’d  knock me unconscious and that’d make me shift. At that moment, I understood that I better start complying, so I shifted back.

Nathaniel, of course, didn’t let me go. He grabbed me by the arms and I guess he was turned on…he started kissing me. I tried punching him, I struggled as much as I could, but he’s just so much stronger than me. So here I was, in the middle of the woods, naked in his arms, thinking that he was going to rape me. He kissed me, kissed my neck…I could feel that he was lusting for blood by the way he kissed my neck…and then it happened. He sank his fangs into my neck and drank. Nate was blinded by lust…he was totally out of control and kept on draining me until I finally passed out. I’m not sure what happened next. All I know is that I woke up in a hospital bed, feeling completely lost and scared…until I saw Remy. He was there, next to me and I immediately felt…safer. He held me tight. He then explained to me that his ex wife’s husband, Aidan Berwick, healed me. I am so grateful to him.
Anyway, Hadley and Aidan took Hunter out of the room to leave me and Remy alone. Remy was still holding me tight in his arms, and it felt good, it felt safe. I really like Remy. Remy and me, it felt right from the beginning. I don’t know…I guess we just clicked. He makes me smile and he makes me laugh. Dare I say it? He makes me happy. He’s a wonderful man.
He just held me and let me cry on his shoulder…he listened to me as I was telling him about my fears and my concerns concerning the identity of the person who brought me to the ER.

Remy and Hunter spent the nite with me at the hospital. Hunter slept with me again. He accepted to be my teddy bear for the nite. He snuggled against me, saying that I was really warm. (which i am) My sweet Remy slept on a chair.
The next morning I woke up a little startled from a nightmare. I immediately checked on Hunter as I really hoped I hadn’t waken him only to see that Remy was awake. Hunter woke up soon after. Remy was concerned, he didn’t know what we would say to the doctors…I mean, they would notice that I’m completely healed! Not one bruise left, not one scratch. And apparently, from what Remy told me, I was in a pretty bad state.
Remy suddenly came up with a great idea! *chuckles* He went out to get a wheelchair…and told me that he would sneak me out of the hospital, that I should put a blanket on my head. I thought he was joking at first but he wasn’t. He lifted me up from my bed and placed me on the wheelchair. I asked him if he was kidnapping me? *grins*
And so he sneaked me out of the hospital and he drove me home. We had quite a quiet ride home. I was still pretty shaken and we chatted a little but, ya know? I was cold and covered myself with the blanket. Remy was perfect as always and tried comforting me while driving. *chuckles* Poor Remy…sometimes I wonder if he ever regrets meeting me?!
Once arrived at my place, he left Hunter in the car and walked me to my door. He asked me how I was gonna get in…having no keys anymore and so I told him about my hidden keys and pointed a flower-pot to him. He grabbed the spare keys and I opened my door. At that moment, he told me…he told me who took me to the ER. He told me it was Nathaniel. I started to cry again…I was so confused. Why would he almost kill me and then take me to the ER? *sighs* Typical Nathaniel. Remy held me tight again and waited for me to calm down. He then gave me my now traditional kiss on the forehead and went back to Hunter. *smiles*

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