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Dead in Shreveport

April 17, 2010

I’d had my cell switched off for most of the day. I only turned it on when I went to pick up @HunterSavoyRD from school. As soon as I’d switched it on, it started vibrating. I was hoping the message was from @Morgan_BonTemps, but it was from a good friend of mine, @Branflakez.

Branflakez (aka Brandee), works at the Bon Temps Library. Hunter and I have visited once before to pick up some books. We’d been running low on pop-up books, so we’d visited and Hunter had drawn pictures whilst I spoke to Brandee about @VampHadley and @Aidan_Berwick.

Brandee had told me that Morgan was in @ShreveportHosp. She had been attacked by @Nathaniel_LGrey late last nite. He’d drained her to the point of death. However someone had found her and taken her to the hospital.

I ran into the school to grab Hunter. He’s always the last from class as he doesn’t like all the voices that gather when school finishes. He looked surprised as I lifted him up and explained that Morgan was in Shreveport Hospital.

Took us around 3hours to reach Shreveport. Straight up onto the highway, passing Bon Temps and Monroe. When we eventually reached there, I unbuckled Hunter as fast I could, slammed the truck door and swiftly moved into the hospital. I asked the nurses which room she was in, and eventually found her.

It was bad. She’d been bitten by a vampire. Bruised. Cut. I’m surprised I could even recognise her. She was so pale lying there. She looked dead.

I didn’t know what to do. I was meant to be meeting Hadley and her newly wedded husband Aidan Berwick tonite. So, I had to text them a message saying that Hunter and I would not be in Red Ditch.

Hadley grew concerned after reading my message, and before I knew it… both Aidan and Hadley were by my side with Hunter.

I’m not sure what Aidan is, but he healed Morgan that night. I am grateful to him. Both Aidan and Hadley. Hadley has found herself a great man, and she has changed since our divorce for the better. She’s not as drugged up as she was before, frantic or non-responsive. She may not be alive, but her heart beats proudly.

Hadley took Hunter down to the cafeteria with Aidan so that Morgan and I could have some alone time. I think she needed the quiet. Morgan was still in shock, but much better than she had been. She gripped me tightly as she surveyed her surroundings. It was like holding a small bird, y’know… the kind that can’t fly yet but is tryin’. Scared, shaken and timid.

@VampKingMurphy and @Helevre visited to check up on her. Hearing familiar voices helped soothe her. Apparently Helevre had put some kinda of spell on her that made her blood poisonous to vampires. I didn’t know there were people out there that could do that. It’ll only last a week though.

I sent a text message to Hadley, asking her if she could find out who had brought Morgan into the hospital. She said she would… I guess she did her vampire thing and glamoured someone. I hope no vampire tries that with me.

By the time Robert (AKA @VampKingMurphy) and Helevre left, Aidan and Hadley returned to Morgan’s room. Hunter seemed a little happier than usual, but I guess that’s because he was able to spend some time with his real mommy.

I had to slip out of the room and speak with Hadley. Hadley didn’t look like she was the bearer of good news. When she told me it was Nathaniel, Morgan’s ex-boyfriend, that had brought her in… it confused the hell outta me.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Morgan that nite, she’d been through so much already. Instead I kept silent, and let her enjoy some peace.

After Aidan and Hadley left, I placed Hunter on the bed with Morgan whilst I fell asleep in a hospital chair.


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