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Wednesday morning

April 16, 2010

I’d overslept. @HunterSavoyRD and I had slept at @Morgan_BonTemps. Last nite seemed to have gone so quickly. I had rushed out of the house with Hunter in my arms and had driven up like a maniac to Bon Temps.

@Helevre had cooked us dinner late last nite, but I was so exhausted I didn’t eat. Hunter had eaten spaghetti bolognese, not sure where that had appeared from.

I’d slept on the couch. It looked like Helevre was planning something to happen between Morgan and myself… but that’d be silly right? I had a kid and my son was not going to sleep on Morgan’s couch. Morgan and Hunter had shared her bed.

When I woke up, it was late morning. I panicked. I had to call up work and make out that I was sick, and I’d had a missed call from Hunter’s school.

I spied a note from Morgan on the table. She’d said I could use her shower and anything in the fridge and that she would finish work at 3pm. I checked in on Hunter, and he was still asleep, so I decided to have a shower.

Morgan’s bathroom is filled with anything that smells like coconut. I always thought she was a bit nutty.

I heard the pattering of small feet as the water dripped from my skin. I guessed Hunter was awake as I heard Morgan’s TV switch on.

Around 2pm I sent a message to Morgan to tell her I’d pick her up after work. Drank the last of my coffee and headed to @Merlottes_BT. I was happy, and Hunter was happy too. He could sense it.

As we drove up to Merlottes, Hunter ran inside and hugged Morgan. She had her back turned to me near the bar.

I’d never seen her in her Merlottes’ uniform. My thoughts were running wild, which is not a great thing when your son is a telepath. I could see his puzzled expressions as I tried hard to stop my mind wandering. She ran up and hugged me. I lifted her off the ground and swung her around.

She went to get her bag and dropped it on the floor. I went crimson. The Merlottes’ uniform is tight. It’s a white t-shirt with the Merlottes logo, and black shorts. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Sam Merlotte, you are a sick bastard *laughs*.

We left Merlottes’ with Hunter holding my hand and drove back to Morgan’s place.

Morgan’s skin is very warm. I guess that’s because she’s a shifter. She tells me that shifters blood is warmer than the average human’s. Her hands were all over me, in a non-sexual way of course. She’s a very touchy, feely type person… it was driving me wild, and she didn’t know it.

When we reached her home, we sat down on her couch… her hands touching my bare skin… her heat penetrating my shirt. I had to excuse myself and use the bathroom. My thoughts were running wild as I tried to cool myself down.

By the time I had gathered my thoughts, Morgan had put on ‘Homeward Bound‘ for my son, Hunter, to watch. Hunter looked at Morgan’s TV and pointed out that her TV set was black and white. He’s only ever seen films in color, so it was a new experience for him.

However, Morgan pointed out that the film was meant to be in color. So her TV was acting up. I’m good with my hands, so smacked the TV a few times. We soon forgot about it, and I told her I’d pick up a new one from Walmarts.

We all ended up chatting, and before I knew it Hunter was calling me the cootie monster. I held Hunter and Morgan in both of my arms and started to kiss their heads… by then I realized I might have stepped over the line. I remembered a feeling… when I was with my ex-wife @VampHadley and Hunter was just born. The woman I had loved and my son, in my arms… it felt strange to remember such a feeling.

By that time it was getting late, and I kissed Morgan goodbye before returning back to Red Ditch with Hunter.


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