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All things forgiven

April 14, 2010

We didn’t speak on Monday. I kept looking at my cellphone expecting it to ring or vibrate, wondering if I’d ever speak to @Morgan_BonTemps again. I knew I had said something wrong, I can’t deny that. But I didn’t know what to do. I needed to give her some space and I was angry at myself for taking things a little too far. I couldn’t speak to her with my guilty conscience eating away at me.

I felt sad inside. My son @HunterSavoyRD could tell my mind was elsewhere. He kept quiet, and I knew he was reading my thoughts. He’s telepathic y’see. He knows what I’m thinking most of the time, so I have to keep my thoughts as pure as I can, but it’s so hard when my emotions flare.

Tuesday came, and still no response. My cell vibrated and I quickly went to reach for it… hoping it was Morgan. To my surprise it was @Branflakez. She had messaged me that she had spoken to Morgan.

As soon as Hunter and I reached home, I reached for my cell. Trying to find the courage to call her. Would I be rejected? I didn’t know.

Hunter was changing his clothes from school, so I plucked up the courage to call her. Hoping she’d pick up. I waited patiently, feeling the dread build up in my gut. But instead, I got her answering machine. I hate those. So I grudgingly left a message…

I threw my phone onto the table but it started to ring. I scrambled to pick it up as I checked the name, it was Morgan. She started apologizing down the phone. She was crying.

Hunter was asking what was going on, and I struggled to tell him to play with his toys knowing that he has telepathy. She thought she was some kind of slut. I had to calm her down, but she kept apologizing. She sounded so fragile, and needed a shoulder to cry on.

I told her to stop apologizing. If I hadn’t had taken things so far, we wouldn’t have ended up in this state. But she felt so guilty for misunderstanding me, she kept saying she was sorry.

We talked and talked until I could here her calm down on the other side of the phone. But her apologizing started to get under my skin. I ended up telling her that if she didn’t stop apologizing that I’d drive up to Bon Temps. She thought I was joking until she heard Hunter’s voice down the phone and sounds from the motorway.

I’d scooped up Hunter and had buckled him into the truck, and was speeding down the road to Bon Temps. I hope the cops hadn’t spotted me. For a moment I thought I’d seen a naked blonde man running on the road, but I guess I was tired. We drove over some roadkill and quite possibly made our own, I was driving that fast.

When we finally arrived I met someone called @Helevre who took Hunter inside for some dinner. Morgan and I embraced at her door, I was so happy to see her again, I could feel my heart racing. She cried into my shirt as I held her tight.


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