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April 13, 2010

We had a great day this past Saturday. I never thought I’d see @HunterSavoyRD so happy. But you know what they say, karma’s a bitch. *shifty look checking whether Hunter is around to see me write this*

Something that started off so innocent ended up in tears. I can’t explain what I was feeling that Sunday afternoon. Ever felt like cryin’ on the inside? I know I hardly know @Morgan_BonTemps, but have you ever felt that connection with someone? We just clicked… better than peanut butter and jelly… hmm, maybe not the peanut butter, not had much luck with that at the moment.

We were sending messages on our cells whilst I was keeping Hunter entertained. One flirt led to another… then there was just this one message that threw me. *blushes crimson* I was talking about… y’know… stuff… the bedroom type stuff, but I think she took it seriously. I’m not the type of guy to just jump into the sack with just anyone, not after my history with my ex-girlfriend, Kristen. I mean, think about it… I have my son, and he’d see me jumping into bed with a different woman every night… he’s grow up to be… one of ‘those’. Not saying that he’ll actually grow up into one of ‘those’, but you never know these things.

Not to mention Morgan’s got her own problems with her ex @Nathaniel_LGrey in town. Not met him yet, I hope I never do. Morgan’s a confused mess, she’d have regretted it in the morning. Too soon. Too much. It’d be another mistake in her messy history, I can’t add to that. Taking advantage or a girl so messed up makes my blood boil!

We’ve not spoken since.

Do I call her? Don’t I? Is she alright? It’s killing me not knowing.


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