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Catahoula National Wildlife Refuge

April 11, 2010

Hunter, Morgan and I visited Catahoula National Wildlife Refuge yesterday. Hunter brought his frisbee and was looking out for squirrels. Not sure why though. Makes me wonder if he’s scared of squirrels as well as geckos?

We all had a great time, even though our frisbee ended up in the lake. Morgan (as a dog) jumped in the lake to fetch it. Instinct took over and I too ended up in the lake. I wonder if this is how shifters skinny dip?

I took a photo of my son and Morgan thanks to @pinupheart‘s disposable camera.

They do look cute together. I have to admit that I do like Morgan a lot, but I wonder if she feels the same way. She always seems to be hiding something from me. I know she’s had a rough past, but so have I and I want to help her through it. I guess that’s why I’m so fond of her.

We went to Shreveport’s Bar and Grill and finally ate some dinner. I do love steak, I can’t cook it without it turning into leather. So, it was a nice treat for me. Morgan and Hunter ate Cheese Chilli Fries. To their surprise the chilli was super hot. Who’d have thought a bar and grill would serve something up that’s too hot for hell?

To cool them down, they both ate a sundae. Hunter’s telepathy was kicking in good last nite. He ended up asking what boobs were, strippers, my thoughts about cherries and bananas, and Morgan’s thoughts about licking me *grins*

But all our good fun came to an end. She asked to be dropped at Fangtasia. If I were younger or if Hunter was a little older I might have joined her. But for now, I want to keep Hunter safe. It’d be like throwing meat to lions. I couldn’t go with her for that reason. My son, a walking blood bag… I don’t think so… I mean, what would my ex-wife think?

I’m worried about Morgan hanging around in Fangtasia. I mean, what if her ex decides to hurt her again? I gave her my silver bracelet… that bracelet means a lot to me, so I hope she returns it at some point… feel bad asking her for it. But in those situations, her protection is more important.


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