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Hunter becomes the hunted

April 6, 2010

Just over a week ago my ex-wife and her newly wedded husband (Aidan Berwick) visited Red Ditch. They brought with them a guy named Matthew Crenshaw.

Not sure what all the fuss was about, but Hadley tells me that Hunter and I need protection. I’m not sure from what or from who, but if she says we need it, I guess we do. Though we’re divorced now, I don’t think she’d do anything to harm our son. Just wish I knew what to look out for…

Anyway, we got some guy name Matthew Crenshaw looking out for us during the day. I’m guessing Hadley will be watching out for us at night when we’re even more vulnerable than we already are. Not sure what this Matt guy can do, but I’ve been told he’s a shifter of some sort. I’ll leave something outside the door for him, I don’t know how he’s getting paid, but I hate to be in debt (and I have too many debts being a single dad)

Been learning a lot from the good folks in the Sookieverse. Didn’t know what a shifter was until I met Morgan Cooper. She’s a sweetheart that girl.  Don’t tell Hunter, but I do have a soft spot for her… Just hope she feels the same way. The women in my life don’t stick around long though, like my ex-girlfriend Kristen. They get freaked out by Hunter’s gift of telepathy. Imagine getting told “Stop thinkin’ about my daddy naked”. You get the picture.

Must shoot, I gotta make sure Hunter stays out of trouble.


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